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Namaste Sweet Ladybugs,

I am Annette, certified Holistic Nutritionist, Fasting Coach & Ashtanga Yoga teacher. 

Your wellbeing lies close to my heart. Having had Hodgkins Lymphoma back in 2015, I know what it's like to be seriously sick and not feeling well. That's when I realised I had to turn my life around completely. I started with taking on my studies in holistic nutrition and remain hooked ever since. My goal is to make you eat better, look better and feel better! :)

I believe all illnesses; may they be of physical or psychic nature, stem from an imbalance which essentially translates into a distorted homeostasis (Self-healing capabilities of the body).

“What’s wrong with you?” or “What’s missing?” they ask when a person is sick or feeling disease. The sick one usually responds by defining his type of sickness or which symptoms he or she suffers from. The real question however remains unanswered. What is it truly that the sick person is missing? The truth remains hidden deep inside oneself. One has to dig deep in his own consciousness and open dusted and forgotten drawers and cabinets in order to find the answers… And those answers might be uncomfortable and unpleasant at first but ultimately they represent the very basic of tools to an effective change of lifestyle and moving through life with ease instead of dis-ease. 

Whether you are having allergies, want to loose weight, having digestive issues, chronic problems or you would simply just like to incorporate a healthy diet or fasting into your daily routine - I am more than happy to help you. Feel free to contact me with any question you might have.



Annette Wieland

for the holistic health and nutrition analysis and the online yoga class! it! I highly reccomend Annette’s coaching to all who want to loose a few kg, get fitter, healthier and become more mindful. Now lets burn this belly fat!

Patty Feys


LOVE your yummylicious food and your empowering yoga classes! Inspiring!

Nathalie Noir

Pouring Honey

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”

Francois La Rochefoucauld