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Eat yourself healthy

Annette is a certified Holistic Nutritionist, Fasting Coach & Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and has, above all, a great affinity for cooking.

As a child she used to cook in the garden with earth, grass, water and sand. She grew up with a passion for cooking from her mum.

Having worked in various locations in Germany, England and Belgium, she is able to assist you in 3 languages (NL, GER, ENGL).

In 2016 she started her training in holistic nutrition, has been able to charm Michelin Star chefs with her food and as a result won a cooking competition on German TV twice in a row.

Besides cooking and nutrition she loves sports and reading.

18 years of handball led to physical issues and that is how she first discovered the science of Yoga.

During her chemotherapy treatment she came into contact with Ashtanga Yoga and has remained hooked on this form of Yoga since then.

Annette is co-founder of Pra-Na Retreats in Morroco, where she gives workshops on nutrition & cooks plantbased healthy meals.

In addition to cooking and Yoga, Annette provides nutritional advice for groups and individuals, is a trained Fasting tutor following the Buchinger / Luetzner method and a great advocate of intermittent fasting.

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