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Prana Yoga Retreat, Essaouira (MOR)

It’s retreat time! :) 5 days to a new you! Set your worries aside, escape from the rat race & plunge with us into the Garden of Eden. Meet wonderful people and share zenergising moments together - eat, pray, learn love & do Yoga.

Prana Yoga Retreat, Essaouira (MOR)

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Time is TBD

Morocco, Morocco

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Hey gorgeous,

It’s retreat time! :) 5 days to a new you! Set your worries aside, escape from the rat race & plunge with us into the Garden of Eden. Meet wonderful people and share zenergising moments together - eat, pray, learn love & do Yoga.

Come with us and discover our unique concept. At pra-Na Reteats we offer you a combination of yogic detox and culinary/nutritional retreat in lush surroundings.

In the heart of the Essaouira lies our hidden gem. This splendid Villa will delight lovers of tranquility and serenity.  An absolute calm around, in a dazzling setting and a modern and refined decor with soothing and warm colours will welcome you to relax, unwind and re-charge your life-sustaining energy (pra-Na).

Let’s crack open chakras. We want the good vibes to flow.

Eat (well) - Who says healthy food is boring or bland? Dedicated, tv show-winning Chef and Holistic Health Practitioner Annette Wieland will prove you wrong! Bring the soul into your bowl. Pamper your tastebuds with mediterranean spices such as cardamom, coriander & turmeric, sip on a luscious green juice with parsley and rosewater & feast on a delicious olive & lemon tajine to reload your Prana with the vital energy of nourishing foods. At our program, we intend to bring you closer to the real deal detox : Heal (yourself) from the inside out and cleanse your system with the alkaline diet.

Throughout the day, you will be served cruelty free dishes from Annette with a little extra (Secret ingredient = time & love). Afterwards, slurp a cup of refreshing mint, matcha or ginger tee whilst relishing on locally grown almonds, oranges or pomegranates. On top of that you will learn about the health-giving qualities of locally sourced ingredients, dig deeper into the world of acidic and alkaline foods and receive an easy hands-on guidance to prepare such a meal yourself.

Pray - Ready to get centered brothers and sisters? Your prayers have been heard. Stroll through the serene gardens of the Villa, take a dip in the pool, feel the warming rays of sunshine on your skin, ground on lush green grass or red African earth & connect barefoot to the ground. Make yourself aware of the 4 elements and immerse yourself in them.  Smell, taste, listen, touch and look at the unviverse’s wondrous bounty in this tranquil place. Cause “the art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from the little things”. A journey of the senses, back to the pure you. Sit down, meditate and connect to the divine source, the Tao the Prana that surrounds us.

Learn - Based on the fundamentals of natural nutrition, gather for a workshop or cooking class with Annette and share her rah rah love for food & nutrition. You may get to understand the coherence between your gut, your mood & your flora or find out what “breakfast” really means……Ask yourself how lovely Charlotte can fill up a workshop with only one raisin or choose between preparing a bang-on blood cell-building power shake or dig deeper in the molecular structures of hip & healthy fats.

Love - Is there something you love and are burning to do but you just don’t find the time? Bring it! It might be a good book, your knitting equipment or your stamp collection. At pra-Na retreats we want you to devote time for YOURSELF. If there’s nothing you can think of bringing, don’t worry, we got you covered. You might just have a tub, a scrub & rub in the Hamam, soak up the sun by the pool, get a fresh nose at the spectacular sight of the Atlas mountains or completely lose yourself in the Souks of the red city. Oh yeah, and you’ll also get the chance to share your rah rah love with others in tailored group consult sessions.

 & do Yoga - The Villa with its lush green gardens provides the perfect Zen backdrop for saluting the sun. De-stiff yourself from long working hours behind the desk  with our charming Yogini Charlotte and her hands-on mentality. The word Ha-Tha is translated from Sanskrit as Sun (Ha) & Moon (Tha). In reverence to that get ready to sweat for 1 Ha-Ha morning class (1,5 hours) to expel your negative energy so your brilliant light can shine throughout the day.  Before sunset we will circle once more for a grounding Tha-Tha Yoga session to welcome the resting & restoring phase of the day.

Float away in gratitude with an organic wellness goodie bag, a yoga swag and a roadmap to carry on your health & wellness Journey.

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