Fasting according to the rhythm of nature - Moon cycles

The corona pandemic still holds us tightly in its grip.

But above protecting ourselves & others from this virus, can you think of anything else you can do to shield yourself?

I can think of so many….but more of that at a later date. :)

At the heart lies, of course, the strengthening of our immune defense. As a Holistic Nutritionist I know many natural measures on how to increase your immune response.

One of those is FASTING.

Studies have shown, that FASTING has a positive effect on our immune reaction and releases 30 per cent more energy (that is usually used during digestion) back into the body. This energy can be used, by the body, for example for the defense of intruders.

Fasting is about letting go of unuseful, potentially harmful things and embracing new – the new YOU.

But what is the best time to refrain from food and thereby detoxifying and cleansing your system?

Well, one theory I like to work with are the lunar phases.

Since the beginning of mankind, the MOON has held a special fascination for the earth's


With low and high tides just one of many examples of how the energy of the moon affects our earthly life.

Moonology is the art of making clever and effective use of the power of the individual moon phases.

So, the moon is considered an important force to have a positive influence on our creative work, emotional world and bodily worlds.

Fasting has those effects as well. Hence, fasting according to the moon phases seems only logical, right?

In general, all planets influence our lives greatly but since I am not an astrologist, I spare you my vague explanations on how the planetary system works and concentrate instead on the one and only – the Man on the moon.

Its influence on nature & humankind is particularly remarkable:

On Full Moon, the moon unfolds its full potential. Energies are high and living beings can find themsevle in turmoil. This is also the reason why many people are more aggressive, depressed or confused that day.

Ask a bartender on a night out, he will be able to tell you long stories on what things happen on the day of FULL MOON.

After that day, our energies are slowly falling again. This time offers a great chance to purify ourselves internally as all the energies are still high & flowing.- long story short: One day after Full Moon is a great time to (start your) FAST.

Just as the moon has an effect on nature (flora and fauna, tides), it also influences our consciousness as well as our little walking temples of the soul – our bodies.

We humans consist of 60 - 70 percent water. At the time of full moon, when the radiation is strongest, even the mighty seas and oceans are set in motion.

The highest waves and violent storms usually occur a few days before and a few days after the full moon. (Just as with humans).

Sounds about right that our body fluids are set in motion on full moon aswell, right?


Due to the strong energy that flows into us and within us these days, waste products, toxins and water can be better dissolved, our inner energy flows. So let all that rubbish and waste products flow out of your body and FAST.

The moon moves around the earth once within 29.5 days (almost a month). A lunar cycle therefore lasts exactly 29.5(3) days.

This cycle can be divided into either 2, 4 or 8 phases.

Below you will find the meaning and effect those phases have on your body, mind & soul.

Full moon (day 0): Maximum energy level  Regenerate, mediate and relax

on this day

Waning crescent (day 1 - 14): Perfect for purification, withdrawal, cleansing and letting


New moon (day 15): Every letting go starts with a new YOU, a new beginning

Rising new moon (day 16-29.5) Perfect to grow back strength and rebuilding your body.

If we follow the principles of the lunar cycle, the best days for fasting can be summed like this:

The body is purged, detoxified and drained, especially immediately after full moon. Therefore this moon phase is best suited to start your fasting.

The time between full moon and new moon is usually 13-14 days. An ideal length for a fast is 6-10 days.

However, since most of us practice intermittent fasting, I would recommend a full day of intermittent fasting right after Full Moon.

The following 2 weeks in the new moon phase are then in turn good for building up the body and regaining strength.

Question of the day is then, when exactly can I try (maybe my first) 24 hour Fast?

Remember, remember the FIRST of November.

Would you like to receive more information on the awesome topic of FASTING? Get in touch.

Happy Fasting!

Your Moonchild, Annette

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