Fasting according to the rhythm of nature - Moon cycles

The corona pandemic still holds us tightly in its grip.

But above protecting ourselves & others from this virus, can you think of anything else you can do to shield yourself?

I can think of so many….but more of that at a later date. :)

At the heart lies, of course, the strengthening of our immune defense. As a Holistic Nutritionist I know many natural measures on how to increase your immune response.

One of those is FASTING.

Studies have shown, that FASTING has a positive effect on our immune reaction and releases 30 per cent more energy (that is usually used during digestion) back into the body. This energy can be used, by the body, for example for the defense of intruders.

Fasting is about letting go of unuseful, potentially harmful things and embracing new – the new YOU.

But what is the best time to refrain from food and thereby detoxifying and cleansing your system?

Well, one theory I like to work with are the lunar phases.

Since the beginning of mankind, the MOON has held a special fascination for the earth's


With low and high tides just one of many examples of how the energy of the moon affects our earthly life.

Moonology is the art of making clever and effective use of the power of the individual moon phases.

So, the moon is considered an important force to have a positive influence on our creative work, emotional world and bodily worlds.

Fasting has those effects as well. Hence, fasting according to the moon phases seems only logical, right?