From Nowhere to Now Here

Trust in your own nature

Did it ever occur to you that you have your own nature? Can you maybe call it your instinct?

Your dog has a nature,

a crocodile has a nature,

a plant has a nature

including you

Everything in this universe has a nature. We all came from a divine source of wellbeing and we can trust in it.

Read the Verse 38 of the Tao te Ching

“The great master follows his own nature and not the trappings of life. A truly good man is not aware of his goodness and is therefore good.”

Think about yourself. The first moment of life. The very first moment of your life - that spark where you went from nowhere to “now here”.

That split second you came from nowhere to now here.

It’s the same thing – just a little question of spacing

Where do you think you are going on this journey of life?

Nowhere – That’s where we are all heading - back to nowhere

When you lived inside your mother’s womb for 9 months, you trusted your own nature.

You didn’t have any protocol to tell you, oh my god I don’t have a nose?

What if my nose doesn’t show up on time? What if I will be born without a nose?

You didn’t do any of that.

You trusted completely in your own nature.

You were born with everything you needed in the here and now.

And why not surrender and just trust in that?

Because what you were meant to become, was all taken care of for you.

It was all handled in there.

And even so beyond what was needed in order to live your life on this mother earth.

And what happens when we pop out after 9 months?

We say:

“Naah, it’s enough now - I’ll take over from here. Nice work here mother nature but now it’s my turn.”

So, what we do “is edge you out of here”

edging out your nature – your divinity.

We Edge God out – We take on an EGO and Edge God Out.

What ego does is taking on a set of beliefs like “I am what I got, I am what I do, I am what other people think of me. The more stuff that I accumulate, the better I am.

This is not who you are. You are not your EGO. Who you REALLY are was already there before you were created.

So, trust in it. Trust in your own nature and once in a while let go of your ego or retrain your ego.

Shift from fear of losing to curiosity an openness

Let go of attachments slowly

Let go of some of your possessions

Shift from entitlement to humility.

Change from “I have to have more” to “living contentment with what you got”.

You signed up for life here on earth and came with nothing – and you will leave with nothing.

our life is pro-emphasis of eternity.

Shift from control to trust and shift from letting go to let God.

Trust like you did for the first 9 months. Everything showed up then, will show up now and is perfect.

Let yourself be guided.

Because “If you knew who walked beside you on this path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear or doubt again. “

- A course in miracles

Trust in your nature

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