The world can wait

Today's age is a digital age!

Every day we expose ourselves to radiation and electrosmog from devices such as our laptops, Ipads, smartphones, navigation systems and TVs.

According to calculations, that's 12 hours of media consumption per day!

12 full hours in which we spend time using modern media and communication tools.

And we have long gotten used to being available at all times. But supposedly we also suffer from overstimulation. Meanwhile, diseases such as burn-out, headaches or obesity are associated with the constant flood of information brought about by technical progress. Will digitalisation  fall under “poisonous” ?

If so, isn't it also advisable to detox every now and then? Fasting is known to detoxify the body. But can we also detox our head and escape the overwhelming flood of information? How dependent, even addicted, are we actually already tothe small digital tools?

Have you already tried “digital Fasting”? Or would you like to try it?

It’s super simple. Here’s how to do it

  • Set yourself an appointment for the day you would like to do your “digital fast”

  • Switch off your mobile phone or maybe, if necessary, trust it to one of your loved ones

  • Read a book

  • Walk daily

  • Have a pen & paper ready for upcoming thoughts

  • Reserve a spot for your digital detox in your agenda and repeat once in a while

Ultimately, you will feel “abandoning the digital world” is totally worth it. I do it - not regularly but when I feel I need to.

Shutting the world off for a while and being “unavailable for some time” gets me back to my roots, improves my focus and calms me down – “The world can wait”

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